Online Store


Not only do we bring the doctor to your door, we bring the pharmacy too!

Order all of your medication refills, prescription diets, flea and heartworm preventions, supplements, topical therapies, and more through our online store! What’s better is that every item ordered is shipped right to your front door for the ultimate in pet care convenience!

Every item you receive is sourced directly from our reliable distributor, stored appropriately prior to and during shipment, and arrives on your doorstep within three to seven days of placing your order.

Never worry about running out of what you need by taking advantage of our auto-ship program!


We offer nearly any prescription medication or diet that your pet may need through our online storefront.

Should you wish to have your pet’s prescriptions filled outside of this network, we will provide you with written prescriptions. We will not directly authorize electronic, phone, or emailed prescription requests for any pharmacy outside of our network; you are, however, welcome to submit the written prescriptions that we provide to the pharmacy of your choice.